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With termite attacks occurring in over 130, 000 Australian homes each year it imperative homeowners seek regular professional inspections. Without monitoring and regular inspection termites can go undetected for years causing large amounts of damage to timber structures. If you’re after a termite inspection or termite removal Gold Coast, the expert team at Control Pest Management has the termite control solution for you.

Termite Treatment Solutions Gold Coast

According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) approximately 32 percent of all houses in Australia currently have some termite activity, or about 130,000 homes per year. In other words, about one in three homes are affected by termites at the moment. This makes termite pest detection and eradication a priority for all homeowners.

Termites may build their colonies as far as 100 metres away from your structure and enter through any gaps at ground level, such as cracks in mortar joints, but more often they enter from below and are undetected until the damage is already done.

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Termite Removal Options Gold Coast

This is why annual high-tech inspections by expertly trained Control Pest Management specialists will give you protection from expensive building rectification. We are equipped with the latest in termite detection tools and bring the years of experience that make us the best in the business.

Termite management strategies consist of either creating a chemical barrier between the termites and the building to be protected or eradicating the termite colony by baiting.

The choice between baiting and interception or chemical treatment can be difficult. In buildings with many expansion joins in a concrete floor, floors with split levels and other more intricate construction methods baiting quickly becomes the most logical choice. For buildings with a simple construction method it will generally be more cost effective to apply a chemical treatment while a baiting and interception system provides a better long term protection.

We will assess the construction dynamics including expansion joints, multiple levels and the connections between different building materials to determine what is optimal in your specific situation so you can be best advised.


This is a good question as people often get caught by companies offering a termite visual check.

A termite inspection is very different to a visual termite check as a visual check could be done by anyone. Whereas a termite inspection can only be performed by a qualified, licenced, and fully insured termite inspector. This qualification is additional to that of a Pest Technician. The termite inspector conducts a full assessment of a premises for timber pests including Termites, Borer, Wood Rot and Mould/Fungi on a premise including, gardens, landscaping timbers, fences, sheds, external buildings etc. The intention of a termite inspection is to detect current and old timber pest activity, as well as identify conducive conditions that could attract termites.

The inspection consists of the inspector inspecting the entire inside and outside of your property including the grounds and in the roof void. The inspection usually takes 1.5 hours or more to conduct depending on the size of your property.

A full 14+ page report is provided to you, which includes findings, photos, recommendations for things you can do yourself to manage attraction of timber pests as well as recommendations for treatments most suited to your property needs.

According to the CSIRO 1 in 3 homes in Queensland has termites. It is therefore our recommendation that a termite inspection in the Gold Coast is carried out every six months or at least annually.

A thorough termite inspection should take a minimum of an hour and a half or more for an average sized 3-4-bedroom home.

The best way to prevent termites is to ensure you have a termite inspection at least annually. This way you are having a professional monitor activity or potential activity. We can highlight things that may need to be done by you as preventative measures. We also recommend that you remove or manage any conducive conditions termites love. This includes old/stored timbers close to you home, rotting tree stumps, excess moisture from air conditioning units and hot water overflows, by redirecting them to drainpipes. Remove gardens from up against your home. Trim garden foliage away from touching the side of you home.     

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