Pre Purchase Pest Inspection

Control Pest Management offers a range of pre purchase pest inspection & termite inspections for your property. 

Avoid purchasing a property after falling in love with it only to find it has active termites or had termites and the previous owner had patched up the damage to sell the property.  

Ensure you get the best pest inspectors for your pre-purchase pest inspection.  Avoid leaving it to chance.

Why Buy A Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection?

Buying a home, you need a Pre-purchase Pest and Timber Inspection (Termite Inspection) as well as a Pre-purchase Building Inspection.

FACT: Approximately 1 in 3 homes in SE Queensland has termites and in other states, the numbers are just as astounding.

Did you know that homeowners patch up and redecorate their homes before putting them up for sale?  This also includes hiding old termite damage.   Even deliberately make it almost impossible to detect active termites in the short term to make an easier sale.

If you had the opportunity to have two sets of eyes and expertise to inspect your dream home at the same price as one person, would you do it?

HOT TIP:  Always engage both a building inspector and a termite inspector, (two separate people) to carry out your pre-purchase building and termite and timber inspections. It’s a two for one bargain.  You get two sets of eyes and expertise to inspect your property and focus on their own set of requirements to meet their own Australian standards.  Twice as likely to detect the hidden issue for the same price as one person doing both inspections.

You can take advantage of our qualified and long-term experienced Termite Inspectors services’ and we will also introduce you to a trusted business partner who will be happy to complete your Building Inspection.

Take the journey through the Termite Inspection so you know what to expect.

Alternatively call us now and talk to us.

Our qualified Pest Control technicians:

  • Are professional and friendly
  • Provide timely services
  • Speedy report turnaround
  • Friendly staff throughout our service
  • Expert, licenced pest inspectors
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