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Control Pest management can provide you with effective, safe and professional ant eradication and management.

Australia is host to more than 1300 different ant species presenting constant dangers to property and people, both structural and physical. This requires complex and proven solutions including the use of special baits and sprays to address the specific species of ant. Our professional technicians are trained to recognise, diagnose and treat based on years of experience with cutting edge treatments and applications.

We take an integrated holistic approach to ensure that all ant colonies are destroyed including the Queen Ant, using different baits and pest control sprays. Depending on the extent of the infestation we may need to extend the eradication program to more than one treatment over a number of weeks. This type of thoroughness is what our reputation is built on.

If you’re having an issue with some unwanted guests and would like an Ant Control Treatment, Call Us now and speak with one of our friendly staff.