What Are Rodents

What are Rodents? So what are Rodents (Rodentia) are a group of mammals including squirrels, dormice, mice, rats, gerbils, beavers, gophers, kangaroo rats, porcupines, pocket

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What are Mosquitoes

What are Mosquitoes

What are Mosquitoes? So What are Mosquitoes? The name mosquito is a Spanish word which means “little fly.” Many people think that mosquitoes bite humans because

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ant removal and treatment

Ants And Their Colonies

What are ants? Ants are close relatives of bees, wasps and are classed as skinny insects. There are 10,000 species of ants in the worldwide, but only 25 species

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Midgie Removal

Do Midges Bite?

What are Midges? Midges are a small winged fly that are generally seen near water in swarms. They have two wings which are pigmented and hairy. When

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Cockroach Control Gold Coast


What are Cockroaches? Cockroaches are social insects which are also known as roaches. They have six spiked legs and two long antennae. They usually measure up to

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Control Pest Management

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Both our Control Pest Management & Control Home and Office Cleaning divisions are working around the clock helping to safeguard your health against the harmful virus -spreading bacteria.

Our anti-bacterial disinfecting services help to eliminate surface germs and pathogens which spread the coronavirus.

Banks, schools, office spaces, shops, private homes... anywhere you are, we can help!

Using Pest Management misting and fogging technology and hospital grade disinfectants and antibacterial products, we are able to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your space has been provided with the best protection available.

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