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We are the #1 Termite and Pest Control Professionals on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Gladstone. Providing expert treatments in the eradication of Termites, as well as General Pest Control. An Australian owned family business providing top industry treatment methods for termite and pest control. Our focus is to keep your properties, children and animals safe.

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Termite control

Termite Control

Our termite inspectors communicate, they will ask you about past activity and treatments because this all helps…

General Pest

Pest control comes with some safety risks and must be done according to strictest of standards in order to ensure your…
Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest

Our qualified Commercial Business Pest Control technicians are professional and friendly , ensure your business health…


Ensure you get the best pest inspectors for your pre-purchase pest inspection. Avoid leaving it to chance…

Your Termite and Pest Control Professionals

You too can receive services from our friendly, timely and professional technicians who are the full-service termite and pest control experts, for getting rid of unwanted pests and making sure they can’t get back in.  Not only do we offer a team of ‘pest’ experts, but you can also take advantage of our extra support for scheduling your regular appointments, flexible invoicing, and much more. For all your Pest Control Gold Coast Brisbane Gladstone contact us and get a free quote.


Neville Black
Neville Black
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Very happy with our service from Control Pest Management. 100% the most thorough spray job in the 10 years we've lived here. Highly recommend to all. Thank you Te Awa and your team.
Misty Kelly
Misty Kelly
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Te Awa and his team are terrific, going out on urgent jobs and keeping me updated on all matters so I can communicate with my landlords. Fast, efficient and communicative!
Reuben Naus
Reuben Naus
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Thanks to Te Awa and the team for there excellent service inspection and explaining the benefits of the best solution to protect our home from termites. We really appreciate the quick response and on time service.

About Control Pest Management

Whether you need Termite and Pest Control for your home or Commercial Pest Control business or commercial property in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Gladstone, rest assured, Control Pest Management will provide safe,standardised and effective pest control treatments by licensed and qualified technicians.

Each are fully insured, police checked and carry professional ID, and are backed by a National Company. Control Pest Management has strict accountability and quality measures in place to ensure all work is done to the highest quality standard. There will be no short cuts to our service because YOUR safety is our priority!

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Fequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you go outside while we treat the inside of your home for pests. Once we have finished the inside you can come back inside straight away. A full inside outside treatment takes approximately 1.5-2 hours for a 3-4-bedroom standard home. You are able to stay inside while we treat the outside of your property.

The best way to prevent termites is to ensure you have a termite inspection at least annually. This way you are having a professional monitor activity or potential activity. We can highlight things that may need to be done by you as preventative measures.

We also recommend that you remove or manage any conducive conditions termites love. This includes old/stored timbers close to you home, rotting tree stumps, excess moisture from air conditioning units and hot water overflows, by redirecting them to drainpipes. Remove gardens from up against your home. Trim garden foliage away from touching the side of you home.   

We are your local Experts in Termite and Pest Control on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Gladstone . Specialised in Residential and Commercial Business Pest Control

Control Pest Management specialises in Pest Control in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Gladstone. We are experts in Residential and Commercial Business Pest Control

Unwanted Pests in your home?

Worried you have termites? Troubled by fleas, ticks or ants? Finding mice droppings? Seeing cockroaches, spiders, pantry moths or bed bugs?

Commercial business with unwanted pests?

Suffering from pest damaged product loss or equipment? Are you getting value for money? Want an audit trail to go with your Invoice? Need a qualified pest control specialist who will comply with the SWMS?