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Termite Inspection​
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We offer Termite inspections as part of our Termite control solutions. Our aim is to eradicate termites using the most effective treatment for your species to protect your property. We service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Gladstone. Call us Today if you concerned about a Termite issue and we will have one of our termite professionals come out to inspect your property.

We carefully talk you through our findings of your termite inspection and discuss the most effective option for management, protection and eradication.

How Termite Inspections Works

How can I protect my home or business from termite attack?

If you are worried that you might have found termites, there are at least two critical things you need to consider:

1. Qualification & Knowledge are critical

First, you need someone who:

  • Understands the natural movements, travel and attacking tendencies of termites
  • Has an in-depth knowledge and experience in termite detection and protection
  • Is certified, licenced and insured
  • Uses the latest technology and equipment

2. Dedication and Experience are essential

Secondly, you need to know they are someone who:

  • Will listen to you and your concerns
  • Communicate with you about past activities and treatments available
  • Help you understand and keep you informed as well as provide regular reports
  • Always show dedication in their service to protect your property
  • Will complete every termite inspection with due diligence

The Termite Inspection

An inspection is a thorough and systematic process.

Outside Termite Inspection

We start on the outside of your property looking for areas which are highly attractive to termite activity, such as wet areas next to your house structure.  

These may be:

  • Planting beds raised against your wall with high density vegetation keeping areas dark and wet are inspected.
  • Areas where air conditioning pipes are keeping the area wet are looked at too

These are perfect conditions for a termite colony.

Moving around the entire exterior of your home in a systematic way we check under:

  • decks,
  • timber structures,
  • trees,
  • stumps
  • and more taking care to include all areas.

Photos are taken of area of interest for the report.

Inside Termite Inspection

We move through the inside of a house viewing and touching, scrutinising for defects in the timber and paint work:

  • All wall surfaces
  • Door frames
  • windowsills

Tapping window and door frames to test the integrity and density of all accessible timbers and walls.

Banging the walls from time to time to disturb any termite activity so we can hear termites and listen if their mud workings begin the fall in the wall.

  • We listen in throughout all the walls with stethoscope.
  • Use thermos imaging camera when needed.
  • Your Roof cavity is inspected.

Termite Inspection Report

After your inspection has been completed your termite inspector will discuss any areas of concern.  Your report will be prepared, and you’ll find they are thorough, including photos to make easier reading.   Your report may include information to help you understand how some minor, inexpensive changes inside and around your home can make a difference.


How much does it cost to get rid of termites in your house?

The cost of treatment depends on:

  • Type of termites found
  • Moisture levels
  • Where the termites are – topography and they may be in different locations
  • Baits and chemicals used
  • Type of treatments use

Termites are sensitive to smell and therefore if you spray only the surface, they may retract and move to another area in your house. The average house can cost $3500 for a full treatment.

It’s critical that your chosen pest technician eliminates the colony rather than a surface treatment. The queen will lay more than a thousand eggs a day in a normal environment. If not treated carefully, termites will eat non-stop and their estimated economic damage in Australia alone is more than 100 million dollars.

Contact us to discuss your problem with a termite specialist to see what solutions we can offer.

Can I treat termites myself?
There are over 300 species of termites and 5 species in southeast Queensland that will attack your property. Termites are all different. They have different feeding habits. Termites fly at different times of the year. The queen produces over 1,000 eggs a day. The weather conditions in Queensland are ideal for termites. In order to treat termites effectively it is wise to understand their ecology because in your attempt to treat them you may just move them to another area of your property.
How do I permanently get rid of termites?
The only way to permanently get rid of termites is to eliminate termite colonies. This will not happen with a surface spray or a barrier. These only form an initial deterrent. There are other options available such as baiting of termites, where the bait is carried back to the colony and as they groom and feed each other the entire colony is affected.  
What is the average cost of a termite inspection?
A through termite inspection carried out to industry standards for a 3-4-bedroom home is $198. The inspection will take approximately 2 hours and includes a full written report with photos.
Is preventative termite treatment necessary?
Preventative measures are always more cost effective than the cost of repairing termite damage. According to CIRSO 1 in 3 homes in Queensland has termites.
How long does it take to exterminate termites?

Chemical barriers are not designed to exterminate termites, yet it repels termites. Termites multiple in high volumes quickly, baiting systems are more effective to eliminate the colony. They are designed for this and averagely can take up to one to three months depending on size, feeding and time of year.

Our full termite inspection can identify previous, current and what type of termites you have to determine the most effective way to exterminate them. Call us today to arrange your termite inspection.

How do you install a termite barrier?

A termite barrier is a chemically treated zone that surrounds the perimeter of a building or structure. This treated zone is positioned strategically to disrupt the termite’s pathway beneath the ground.

To install a termite barrier, a trench is dug around the perimeter of the building, approximately 300mm wide and deep enough to expose the footings of the building. This trench is then injected with a termiticide chemical compound mixed with water that binds with soil.

As termites forage through soil looking for food, they come into contact with the barrier which delivers a lethal dose of chemical.

Contact us to discuss your problem with a termite specialist to see what solutions we can offer.

Successful Pest Control and Counting

Jason Perry
Jason Perry
Professional informative.
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Vanessa Howell
Ray was excellent to deal with and is very knowledgeable. So far we are almost 2 weeks post treatment and I haven’t seen any ants, spiders, etc anywhere! Very satisfied with the treatment and would highly recommend Ray or anyone from Control Pest Management.
Kimberley Barrow
Kimberley Barrow
Raymond did a fantastic job at one of our residential properties that we manage. The report was in-depth and informative which was such a breath of fresh air. He was always happy to answer any questions I might have and it was a smooth and enjoyable experience. We will be using Raymond and Control Pest Management for any pest control services that we require. Thank you very much for your hard work!
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Erin Kelly
Raymond was very thorough and I'm already beginning to see cockroach carcasses.
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Anne Scanlan-Page
Friendly, professional, good service.
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Darren Borg
Spoke with the office to discuss what we needed, explained well, and booked in the job. Raymond arrived on time and explained what he was doing and ran through after completed. Very satisfied !!
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Renee Alberts
We will definitely be sticking with Raymond’s pest control service. Raymond was professional and extremely helpful. He did a full pest inspection for the interior and exterior of our home; and was so thorough and kind in explaining what was done, as well as giving us tips and sharing things to be aware of. Would definitely recommend Raymond and Control Pest Management.
Renee Spathonis
Renee Spathonis
Very professional, friendly and thorough
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Kate Mepham
Great experience all round. From a quick and easy online booking, to prompt and efficient service. Ray was on time, professional and very friendly. Would absolutely use Ray's services again.

Why Control Pest Management?

  • We acknowledge finding termites in your home is not a formality but a nasty shock. 

  • We care about you; and we will be there to talk through your concerns and are available throughout treatment.

  • We communicate with you; and will talk you through a treatment plan best for your circumstances

  • We offer flexible payment plans if needed

  • We are qualified, knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced.

All inspections are completed and reported in line with the Australian standards.

Control Pest management specialists will bring to your inspection a professional, understanding and caring experience everytime, whether the termite is present or not.