Termite Inspection​
Gold Coast, Brisbane and Gladstone

We offer Termite inspections as part of our Termite control solutions. Our aim is to eradicate termites using the most effective treatment for your species to protect your property. We service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Gladstone. Call us Today if you concerned about a Termite issue and we will have one of our termite professionals come out to inspect your property.

We carefully talk you through our findings of your termite inspection and discuss the most effective option for management, protection and eradication.

How Termite Inspections Works

How can I protect my home or business from termite attack?

If you are worried that you might have found termites, there are at least two critical things you need to consider:

1. Qualification & Knowledge are critical

First, you need someone who:

  • Understands the natural movements, travel and attacking tendencies of termites
  • Has an in-depth knowledge and experience in termite detection and protection
  • Is certified, licenced and insured
  • Uses the latest technology and equipment

2. Dedication and Experience are essential

Secondly, you need to know they are someone who:

  • Will listen to you and your concerns
  • Communicate with you about past activities and treatments available
  • Help you understand and keep you informed as well as provide regular reports
  • Always show dedication in their service to protect your property
  • Will complete every termite inspection with due diligence

The Termite Inspection

An inspection is a thorough and systematic process.

Outside Termite Inspection

We start on the outside of your property looking for areas which are highly attractive to termite activity, such as wet areas next to your house structure.  

These may be:

  • Planting beds raised against your wall with high density vegetation keeping areas dark and wet are inspected.
  • Areas where air conditioning pipes are keeping the area wet are looked at too

These are perfect conditions for a termite colony.

Moving around the entire exterior of your home in a systematic way we check under:

  • decks,
  • timber structures,
  • trees,
  • stumps
  • and more taking care to include all areas.

Photos are taken of area of interest for the report.

Inside Termite Inspection

We move through the inside of a house viewing and touching, scrutinising for defects in the timber and paint work:

  • All wall surfaces
  • Door frames
  • windowsills

Tapping window and door frames to test the integrity and density of all accessible timbers and walls.

Banging the walls from time to time to disturb any termite activity so we can hear termites and listen if their mud workings begin the fall in the wall.

  • We listen in throughout all the walls with stethoscope.
  • Use thermos imaging camera when needed.
  • Your Roof cavity is inspected.

Termite Inspection Report

After your inspection has been completed your termite inspector will discuss any areas of concern.  Your report will be prepared, and you’ll find they are thorough, including photos to make easier reading.   Your report may include information to help you understand how some minor, inexpensive changes inside and around your home can make a difference.

Why Control Pest Management?

  • We acknowledge finding termites in your home is not a formality but a nasty shock. 

  • We care about you; and we will be there to talk through your concerns and are available throughout treatment.

  • We communicate with you; and will talk you through a treatment plan best for your circumstances

  • We offer flexible payment plans if needed

  • We are qualified, knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced.

All inspections are completed and reported in line with the Australian standards.

Control Pest management specialists will bring to your inspection a professional, understanding and caring experience everytime, whether the termite is present or not.

Control Pest Management

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