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Termite Prevention

Are you unknowingly attracting termites to your property?

Is Termite prevention even possible?  Did you know that overflow pipes form hot water cylinders and air conditioning units can deposit as much as 2 litres of water an hour on the ground next to your building, which is a PERFECT attractant for termites! Damp walls from moisture in bathrooms is also another termite attractant.  We can help!

Termite Prevention Services

Control Pest Managements Termite Prevention Services will help the detection and prevention of termites. Did you know there are some things that might be attracting termites to your property? We don't want you to stress about it, so we provide a few simple preventative measures to minimise termite attraction to your property.

Easy Termite Deterrents

Overflow Water Redirection

You may not have realised that an air conditioning unit can deposit 2 litres of water an hour (yes that’s right 2 litres per hour) pooling beside your property. Termites are highly attracted to moist, damp areas leaving this as is a perfect termite attractant. Simply redirecting the overflow from your hot water cylinder, air conditioning unit and redirecting it to a drain or well away from your home you are minimising the risk. 

Air Vent Installation

It’s also surprising the result by installing an air vent in a wall by a bathroom, or in other identified areas where you wouldn’t have thought damp areas in your home are lurking

Tree Stump Removal

Termites natural food is dead plant material and cellulose.  Dry and rotting tree stumps are certainly a food source best removed from your gardens as soon as you can.

Easy and Cost-Effective Fixes

At Control Pest Management, we have specially trained technicians to take care of Hot water cylinders overflows requiring attention, Air Conditioning Units overflow redirection and the installation of air vents in bathrooms or wet areas as well as the removal of dry or rotting tree stumps.  Prevention is almost always cheaper than cure.

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