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Increasing numbers of midges are now proving to be more than a nuisance, with severe, persistent itching from midge bites, that often result in open sores as we seek to relive the itching. In rare cases sores may become infected putting our health at risk and piling up the medical bills. Fortunately midges do not transmit disease to humans in Australia.

Your family doctor will be able to advise you on the suitability of insect repellents for short and long term use by members of your family ,and of course mosquito coils have some impact on midges. For the most effective chemical control of midges you will require the services of a licensed pest control expert such as Control Pest Management.

As well as taking care of midge locations our experts will apply residual pesticide, only available to Licensed Contractors, in the yard around your house using the barriers or harbourage method.

This treatment can reduce midge numbers for up to six weeks though not totally eliminate the pest. The pesticide is applied to house walls and screens, fences, shrubs and other foliage.

There is no need to suffer one day longer from those annoying midges when you can get Control Pest Management to manage your midges today.