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Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control comes with some safety risks and must be done according to strictest of standards in order to ensure your family is safe as well as effectively get rid of problem pests. We service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Gladstone.

Control Pest Management specialises in Residential Pest Control including Termite Inspection, Pre Purchase Inspections, Water Overflow Redirection, Stump Grinding and Weed Control. Scroll down to learn more about our Residential services. 

Residential Termites Control

We are not just experts general pest control we also specialise in Termite control and eradication. There are over 300 termite species in Australia and a handful of these can destroy your home.

Because termites literally eat wood if they are on your property, they may be in your home.  They are blind, secretive travellers who ‘climb’ by building mud tunnels.  Termites can travel through these mud tubes, eating their way through wood items such as skirting boards, leaving the paint in place so you don’t realise.  They love your loft space and defy all odds tunnel climbing your metal posts just to get to their favourite meal in your home. 

Termites on or in your property? Or peace of mind inspection

Have you ever wiped mud from a windowsill or your walls and wondered how it got there?  Did it come back?

Do you live next door to the termites natural Australian home and can see the mounds?

Do you have multiple white ants with four wings flying around or inside your home any time?

New builds, do you need an annual termite inspection to keep your building warrantee valid?

Are you just looking for peace of mind?

Think about why your home or business might choose a termite inspection today.

General Residential Pest Control​

Creepy crawlers are a fact of everyday living in Australia, but you don’t have to share your home with them.

For general pests take advantage of a proactive solution instead of reactive. Ants, cockroaches, spiders and silverfish, think of their treatment as a maintenance plan. Treatment once a year to keep these bugs away. After your first session you’ll want no-one else and we’ll promise to keep in touch for the following year.

You’ll most likely find rodents, fleas, beetle etc are more of an ad hoc service. Just let us know when it is a concern.

We want to help you take back your home and enjoy your space without the worry of unwanted pests.

Pre Purchase Inspection Residential Pest Control​

Want to avoid purchasing a property after falling in love with it only to find it has active termites or had termites and the previous owner had patched up the damage to sell the property.  

Ensure you get the best pest inspectors for your pre-purchase pest inspection.  Avoid leaving it to chance