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Termites wreak havoc on Gold Coast residential and commercial buildings. Termites typically build their colonies an estimated 100 metres from buildings. They enter through foundational gaps and cracks in mortar joints at the ground level. They can also enter the building from underground, where they begin to eat and damage the building from the ground up. Unfortunately, large scale damage can often occur at the foundational level before it is noticed above ground.

The good news is that with the help of professional technicians, termite infestations can be identified and treated before the damage is too great. Our team of professionals will complete a termite inspection, design the appropriate termite treatment plan, and effectively execute termite removal, so that you successfully remove these pests from your residential or commercial building. We also offer termite prevention services to keep these pests at bay throughout the entire year. Begin termite control for your Gold Coast buildings today by contacting a member of our team today.

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Termite Inspection

Termites are resilient and hardy pests that can cause excessive building damage if they are not eradicated….

Termite Removal

Did you know that termites negatively impact an estimated 33 percent of all Gold Coast homes?…

Termite Treatment

Termite treatment for Gold Coast properties is enhanced when you implement a few key detection and prevention tactics…

Termite Control

It is far more cost effective to prevent a termite infestation than it is to resolve a massive termite infestation…

Termite Inspection Gold Coast

Termites are resilient and hardy pests that can cause excessive building damage if they are not eradicated. The first step in protecting your building is to complete a termite inspection on your Gold Coast property. Our extensive termite inspection is completed by a qualified, licensed, certified, and knowledgeable pest professional. Our team uses the latest technology and equipment to track the movements and behaviours of the termites. Next, we complete an interior and exterior termite inspection.

Our thorough exterior termite inspection will examine the following areas.

  • Planting beds that are close to buildings often provide exceptional food sources for termites.
  • Areas of high-density vegetation that produce the perfect dark and wet breeding grounds for termites.
  • Exposed air conditioning pipes that could provide easy access to the building’s interior.
  • Decks, timber structures, trees, stumps, and the foundation are all checked for termite activities.
  • Photos are taken and an extensive exterior report is written to clearly articulate all of our termite findings.

The interior termite inspection includes the following areas:

  • We thoroughly inspect all door frames, windowsills, wall surfaces, and the roof cavity.
  • We test the integrity and density of accessible walls and timbers.
  • We use the latest tools, technologies, and techniques to detect termite activity. This effective approach includes using a stethoscope to listen for termite activity within the building’s walls.
  • We use a thermo imaging camera (as needed) to determine if the termites have built an interior nest.
  • Photos and findings are documented in an interior and external termite inspection

Once we have completed our interior and exterior inspection, we will create a thorough termite inspection report. This report will help you better understand the level of damage and risk associated with your termite problem. We also provide actionable steps to remove termites from your Gold Coast home or commercial building. To schedule an inspection and begin the journey towards a termite-free residence, contact a member of our trusted residential termite control team today on 1300 357 246.

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Termite Removal Gold Coast

Did you know that termites negatively impact an estimated 33 percent of all Gold Coast homes? If you want to protect your home from termite damage, then you need to implement residential termite control  best practices. These best practice approaches begin when you hire a termite removal team. Our team uses the latest termite detection tools, leverages our years of experience, and effectively responds to your specific concerns. We develop a customized approach to remove the termites and keep them out of your home.

Our customized approach to termite removal begins by examining the following key aspects:

  • We help you decide between a chemical treatment, or baiting and interception. As a general rule of thumb, the baiting and interception solution can typically provide extended long term protection.
  • We analyse the building’s construction.
  • If the building features an intricate construction with numerous expansion joints and / or floors with split levels, then the baiting removal process is often the most logical choice.
  • If the building has a simple construction, then we typically advise clients to use a cost-effective chemical treatment.

After we have devised an effective termite removal plan, we will help you implement preventative measures that will keep the termites from coming back. To learn more about our termite removal and treatment plans for Gold Coast homeowners, we invite you to contact a member of our team on 1300 357 246.

Termite Treatment Gold Coast

Termite treatment for Gold Coast properties is enhanced when you implement a few key detection and prevention tactics. The following tactics can help to minimise termite activity and prevent future infestations.

  • Redirect the overflow from your air conditioning unit and / or hot water cylinder away from your home. These two units can create pools of water that attract termites. By redirecting the overflow water, you can successfully deter termites from travelling to your home.
  • Termites like cool and damp places, which is why they can often be found in bathroom windows, door frames, and walls. Installing an air vent in your bathroom, basement, and other areas with high moisture levels can help to prevent future termite activity.
  • Tree stumps are a primary food source for your termites. To prevent future termite activity, and to successfully treat current termite issues, you should remove all dry and rotting tree stumps from your property.

Finally, the best way to treat termites is to immediately call a specialist if you see any pest activity. Termites often scout new food sources before an infestation occurs. By acting quickly, removing exterior food sources, and eliminating areas of excessive moisture from the interior and exterior of your home, you can help to treat, prevent, and minimise the damage from termites. Contact a member of our team of termite experts today on 1300 357 246 to take the next steps in termite treatment and prevention for your Gold Coast property.

Commercial Termite Control Gold Coast

Does your Gold Coast commercial building have termites? Have you noticed a growing level of pest activity? No matter what industry you serve, you need to ensure that you have dependable termite control for your entire property. In fact, it is far more cost effective to prevent a termite infestation than it is to resolve a massive termite infestation. With this in mind, if they are left untreated, termites can cause extensive damage, including structural damage to your Gold Coast commercial properties. Take the first step in protecting your staff and customers by contacting our commercial termite inspections and control experts. We offer SWMS compliant commercial termite control services for Gold Coast properties.

Residential Termite Control Gold Coast

Termites can not only cause extensive damage to your Gold Coast residence, but they can also reduce the value of your home. Whether you have just begun to notice termite activity, or want to take a proactive approach, our team will help to treat, control, and prevent termites from damaging your Gold Coast home. Our team will complete a thorough exterior and interior inspection. We use the latest tools and technologies to create a customized management, protection, and eradication plan. Schedule a residential termite control appointment for your Gold Coast home and take the steps you need to protect your investment from these pests.


What are the signs of termites in your house?

There are a number of signs that can indicate you have termites. These include:

  • Mud trails on the walls, concrete, timber fences, stored timber, landscaping timbers, stumps, trees, roof structure.
  • Moisture – Excess moisture is an attractant as well as leaking taps and overflows from hot water cylinders. While this is not an indication of active termites it is however an attractant for termites.
  • Discolouration of paint can be an indication.
  • Cracking paint. This can be because the termites have eaten the content of the timber behind the paint, leaving a wave in the paint.
  • Flying termites – signs of transparent wings that have been dropped by termites
  • Sound of termites in the walls. This is a light tapping sound which when you know what to listen for is easily detected.
How much does it cost to treat a house for termites?
A through termite inspection carried out to industry standards for a 3-4-bedroom home is $198. The inspection will take approximately 2 hours and includes a full written report with photos.
How do I get rid of termites in my house?
Take a photo and send it to us. You can send it to 0420 657 423 and we will be able to identify the type of termite it is and give you some professional advice. Do not be tempted to disturb the termites but call a qualified termite inspector to get some professional advice. Control Pest Management offer an no obligation free quote. 

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