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The common housefly is found all over Australia spreading disease-causing germs by crawling on food and other surfaces. Adult flies are attracted to exposed food, rubbish bins and manure areas to feed and breed.

High numbers of flies will leave tell tale droppings on flat surfaces such as walls and ceilings, especially in the summer months. 

Adult flies feed on decaying matter and most human foods and carry diseases such as Salmonella and Cholera to your kitchen from manure and rubbish. Fly maggots live in  moist, warm organic matter such as food waste and manure.

Control Pest Management use commercial quality insecticide sprays, delivered either as an aerosol or a pump-pack to effectively manage your housefly infestations. Surface sprays are used to treat interior and exterior perimeter surfaces providing protection for several months.

When the flies land on the surface it picks up the insecticide and dies. After your professional treatment we can then advise on maintaining the hygiene protocols necessary to provide preventive barriers to any future infestations.

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