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Pantry Moths

Pantry moths are found throughout Australia especially in the warmer months and eat a wide range of  food including vegetables, cereals, pasta, rice, bread, dried fruit, nuts and spices. Without proactive measures and treatment they can soon get out of control.

Pantry moth eggs can be laid as much as 400 at one time on suitable food surfaces, being easily identified as small, round white eggs, about 0.5mm in diameter.

The larvae or caterpillars are cream coloured with a dark head growing up to 2cm long and leave tracks across foods and containers. The adult moths usually fly around at dusk or during the night. Control Pest Management have commercial level pest solutions to deal with any level of infestation wiping out all traces from eggs to full grown adult moths.

Specific chemicals will applied to targeted areas, efficiently and speedily to remove this threat to your health and safety.

Our professionals will then implement an ongoing preventative program arming the household with the strategies to keep the pantry free from these destructive pests. Do not put up with those pantry moths a moment longer.

Call Control Pest Management today for peace of mind for your home and its occupants.