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Flea Control Gladstone

Control Pest Managements specialist flea treatment gets rid of fleas fast. Stop the itching and for yourself or your pets as soon as possible. Contact Control Pest Management for Flea Control Gladstone.

Flea infestations can be very difficult to control, and often they appear all of a no where. Flea infestation can spread quickly through your house and yard, so the treatments need to be very thorough and off the shelf solutions just don’t cut it.

Gladstone Flea Treatment & Removal

Fleas are one of Gladstone’s most annoying pests to people and pets, ranking high in common causes of skin disorders for pets. A single flea bite to a hypersensitive animal or person will result in intense irritation and itching. Adult fleas can survive up to four months without food with eggs, are predominately found crawling among hair or fur and can be carriers of tapeworm type infections and other diseases. While their eggs can lay dormant for up to ten months in carpet or soil.

We use a unique chemical in our control program which aids in breaking this breeding cycle to truly eradicate the flea infestation. This may take up to six weeks until all the fleas have all come into contact with the treatment and are eradicated. Between this period flea bites may still occur until the 4-6 week mark is reached.

These variables make it impossible for DIY flea treatments to provide effective flea control and management.

Hence the need for the professionals from Control Pest Management to assess your level of infestation and mitigate the problems.

A thorough and effective chemical program will eradicate any fleas and provide protocols to future proof your family from fleas.

Flea Treatment and Flea Control Gladstone Services

We specialise in dealing with all type’s flea infestations.

Our treatments will kill adult fleas, flea larvae and eggs. The treatment leaves residual insecticide in the carpet which kills any fleas that hatch out of the flea pupae. The treatment in the carpeted areas keeps working for many months after the treatment providing protection from potential future infestations

Flea Larva Treatment

Getting rid of flea larva from all pet bedding, by washing in hot water or by throwing out and relacing the bedding. Also making sure your pet is using a suitable product to removal. See your veterinarian for best products for your pet.

How to tell if you have a flea Infestation?

You can start by checking your pets’ bed for flea dirt, they look like tiny black specks-this is a flea’s faecal matter or perhaps you have noticed excessive scratching on your pet. If so, check your pets coat by spreading the fur apart looking for tiny black flea drooping’s, flea eggs and the flea itself.

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