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Ant Control Gladstone

Control Pest management Ant Control service can provide you with effective, safe and professional ant eradication and management. 

Our professional technicians are trained to recognise, diagnose and treat based on years of experience with cutting edge treatments and applications.

Australia is host to more than 1300 different ant species presenting constant dangers to property and people, both structural and physical. This requires complex and proven solutions including the use of special baits and sprays to address the specific species of ant. 

Effective Ant Removal, Treatment and Eradication Services

We take an integrated holistic approach to ensure that all ant colonies are destroyed including the Queen Ant, using different baits and pest control sprays. Depending on the extent of the infestation we may need to extend the eradication program to more than one treatment over a number of weeks. This type of thoroughness is what our reputation is built on.

Ant Removal Gladstone

Why Ant Control Needs a Professional Approach

Ant Scent Trails Treatment
Ants tend to leave a trail behind. Its a chemical containing pheromones. This used to  alerts other Ants that a food source is ahead.

Ant Nest Treatments
Ants can nest almost anywhere on your property or place of business. Inside, outside, in your walls, lawns, under house or even your roof void.

Ant Colony Eradication
Ant colonies can have up to five hundred thousand ants in them and Ants tend to be able to pack up and move their nest with ease as well.

Life Cycle of an Ant Colony
Ant colonies can thrive and survive for a long time with workers living  approximately 8 years and an ant queen will live close to 15 years.

If you’re having an issue with some unwanted guests and would like an Ant Control Treatment, Call Us now and speak with one of our friendly staff.

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