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General Pest Control

Worried you have termites? Troubled by fleas, ticks, or ants? Finding mice droppings? Seeing cockroaches, spiders, pantry moths or bed bugs? Unnatural number of flies, wasps or midges?

Professional General Pest Control Services

Worried about pest activity in your home?

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If your looking for general pest control services on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or in Gladstone look no further than Control Pest Management. Whether you’re renting, a homeowner or a property manager we offer a professional general pest control service.

If you are stressed by what you have seen and wonder if the unwanted pest has his family and all their relations walking your hallway or your countertop while you sleep then call us now.

The chances are that if you have seen one or two cockroaches, there is potentially 100 times that number of cockroaches hiding in your home but just out of sight.

The safety of your family from germ carrying pests are our priority!

You could apply a DIY treatment and chances are you’ll get a few, another option is to get your mate down the road to do it for you, but why would you leave the safety of your family from pests and harmful chemicals to someone who is not a pest control specialist and could put you and your family at risk without you knowing.

Pest control comes with some safety risks and must be done according to strictest of standards in order to ensure your family is safe as well as effectively get rid of problem pests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to leave the house for pest control?

All chemicals used by Control Pest Management for general pest control treatment are the same ones we use for hospitals, childcare centres, and restaurants. However, we recommend you go outside while we are treating the inside of your property.

What is done in pest control?

A general pest control treatment includes the following:

Outside – We do a fence line to fence line treatment, fences, gardens, footpaths, clothes lines, rubbish bins  pool area, sheds, gazebo, outside furniture, the walls of the house, inside the walls (dust weep holes) (Dust, does not get washed away by the rain or broken down by the sun. one of the reasons for our 12month warranty).         

Inside – Cracks, crevasses, door frames, window frames, skirting boards, gels in the cupboards, (another reason we can give a 12month warranty because the Gels keep killing over the year) and dust inside the roof (dust sticks to everything and bugs cannot avoid it.   

Is pest control really necessary?
Yes. Bugs carry disease and damage property, and products. Some pests can bite and or sting you. 
How much is a pest control treatment?

Pest control treatments vary depending on the size of your home, the time to treat, and the pest challenges you may have as well as your location. For example, an exit treatment for the treatment of fleas in a standard 3-4-bedroom home is $99.

How long after pest control can I mop?

We recommend cleaning your floor before we come to provide a pest control treatment. Following your treatment, we recommend you do not mop your floor for 5-7 days to give you the best results.    

Are all your technicians qualified?

You will only ever find a fully qualified technician at every visit from Control Pest Management.  Not only Qualified, but fully insured and licenced.

Is it safe?

Your home and environment will be treated with safe treatments and for rodents if the treatments are in high traffic areas, we place the baits in lockable boxes.

Do I get a Warrantee?

Services available to you and your family home come with full warrantees which are specific to treatment.

Can I get rid of the bugs?

Yes.  Engage our services and we will treat your home using a variety of treatments including gels, dust compound and spray. This controls a wider variety of bugs for a longer period.  We also share our expertise with you to help you make your environment less attractive to bugs.

I’m told I shouldn’t mop my floors for 5 days after my treatment is it true?

Certainly, let the chemicals dry on your floors so that they can embed into the floors/skirting boards otherwise you’re just washing the treatment away.  Sweep the edges for a few days and mop the remaining floor.  This gives the chemicals time to settle, then continue to provide maximum cover over the coming year.  No need to leave your counter tops anymore, as we use gels here.

Is it safe for animals and pets?

Our treatments are pet friendly. Always a good health practice to keep them out of the immediate area that is being sprayed or dusted at the time.  If your pet is not ‘technician’ friendly or the opposite, over friendly, we ask you to keep them restrained during our visit.

What do I do with my birds?

Again, our treatments are safe, however, birds can be sensitive to odours we can’t smell, so please cover them or relocate whilst treatment is underway.

When is the best time of the year to do pest control?

Different bugs come with different seasons.

Keep yourself to a schedule of once a year and this will help keep you pest free.

*Business properties will require more regular treatment due to extra exposure

Rodents keep coming but I don’t know where from?

We have the trained professionals to help you address not only the current infestation, but help you prevent recurrences.

Successful Pest Control and Counting

Tamara Skeen
Tamara Skeen
Would recommend. On time, professional, good price
Shakira Morris
Shakira Morris
Wonderful service, extremely kind technician that goes above and beyond to get the job done, along with an amazing team that’s organised, fast and efficient. Best pest control Management company I have come across! Will definitely be using this company again in the future.
Elyssa Hallett
Elyssa Hallett
Quick, organised, reasonably priced, thorough, and excellent service
Lyn Walker
Lyn Walker
The team at Control Pest Management are so efficient and professional in looking after our termite protection. Living on acreage regular inspections and expert advice are so important and give you peace of mind.
Pat Young
Pat Young
Always on time and professional
Ben is prompt, professional and does an excellent job for a good price. Recommend him highly for any form of pest control.
Avis Lancaster
Avis Lancaster
Very professional, always happy with their service. No bugs for 12 months, very thorough. Friendly ,helpful staff.
Don Pappagallo
Don Pappagallo
Control pest management give great friendly service at a reasonable price. Have been using this company for approx 8 years abd have had no issues.

Control Pest Management offers:

  • Friendly staff to book in your service date
  • Professional and qualified technicians for every service
  • Non-toxic Solutions where possible
  • Flexibility with payments with termite protection programs

Our qualified Pest Control technicians:

  • Are professional and friendly
  • Provide timely services
  • Are driven by quality and effective pest control methods
  • Ensure your health and safety is a priority