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Fleas are one of the most annoying pests to people and pets, ranking high in common causes of skin disorders for pets. A single flea bite to a hypersensitive animal or person will result in intense irritation and itching. Adult fleas can survive up to four months without food with eggs, are predominately found crawling among hair or fur and can be carriers of tapeworm type infections and other diseases. While their eggs can lay dormant for up to ten months in carpet or soil.

We use a unique chemical in our control program which aids in breaking this breeding cycle to truly eradicate the flea infestation. This may take up to six weeks until all the fleas have all come into contact with the treatment and are eradicated. Between this period flea bites may still occur until the 4-6 week mark is reached.

These variables make it impossible for DIY flea treatments to provide effective flea control and management.

Hence the need for the professionals from Control Pest Management to assess your level of infestation and mitigate the problems.
A thorough and effective chemical program will eradicate any fleas and provide protocols to future proof your family from fleas.

If you’re having an issue with some unwanted guests and would like a Flea Treatment, Call Us now and speak with one of our friendly staff.

What are Fleas?

Fleas are small flightless, jumping and flat body insects. It has well developed hind legs for jumping. Fleas are external parasites of birds and mammals. They live off the blood of their hosts. An adult flea is 3mm long and generally brown. At the end of their legs, they have some tiny claws to help them attach to animals and other warm-blooded mammals. They sometimes spread diseases through their  bites , such as plague and myxomatosis. There are 70 different species of fleas found in Australia.

Here are some popular species of fleas.

Most common fleas  live on the blood of cats and dogs. The most common name of fleas is sand fleas. Let’s discuss cat fleas and dog fleas. Remember if there is any sign of fleas you should Call Control Pest Management immediately on 1300 357 246.

Cat Fleas:

In general, these cat fleas are common insects whose foremost host is the pet cat. The cat flea refers to the insect order Siphonaptera which in its adult stage is an unavoidable hematophagy. Both male and female adults’ size is from 1–2 mm and are commonly a reddish-brown or chestnut in color.

Like other fleas, cat fleas also bury their heads under the dark, dense hairs of the host above the top layer of the skin, resulting in an extremely tiny insect which may be hard to see,  even the host is pure white. Cat fleas can also live in other carnivores and omnivores, although these are only selected if the required host is unavailable.

Dog Fleas:

The Dog flea is the species of flea that live as an ectoparasite in a wide variety of mammals, most commonly in domestic cats and dogs. It refers to the cat flea, “Ctenocephalides flea” which can live on a vast range of animals.

Although, they live on the blood of pets like cats, dogs, and sometimes bite humans,  they can survive without blood for several months. However female fleas need a blood feed before they lay eggs. They can lay about 400 eggs in the hosts fur.

Protect Cat and Dogs From Fleas

If pets scratch and seem restless that could mean that they could have fleas. We can protect them from itching.

Signs of flea allergy

Sometimes flea bites make some pets feel irritated . However, some cats and dogs are allergic to fleas. The physician can call it flea bite hypersensitivity or flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).

Some sign of FAD

Life span of a flea

Under ideal condition, a flea’s lifespan is from 18 days to 1 yearIdeal conditions include food supply, humidity, and temperature. Although in general, an adult flea can survive for 2-3 months. Without food or host, flea life might become short as a few  days. However, with an enormous amount of food supply, a flea lifespan is up to 100 days. After their first meal of blood, female fleas begin to lay eggs within 36-48 hours.

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