Bird Removal Gold Coast

 Who would have thought it? Pigeons and other nesting birds frequently cause problems for commercial customers, in and around apartments and businesses.  Control Pest Management can help with Bird Removal Gold Coast.

Nesting under verandahs making more noise than you could imagine, or simply leaving a mess on café tables, the birds need moving on.  Our way is to deter the birds from nesting and secure the area so they cannot return to raise havoc ensuring they find an alternative to your property to breed. 

Gold Coast Bird Removal

Bird Removal Gold Coast services provided by Control Management are a comprehensive evaluative assessment and relocation for problem birds throughout the Gold Coast. Servicing Schools, commercial and residential properties we endeavour to provide bird management outcomes that embrace not only the welfare of birds involved but also the health, safety and concerns of those people affected.

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During nesting periods, bird conflicts with species such as Magpies, Scrub Turkeys, Plovers, Butcherbirds and other species may vigorously defend their territory, young and nests.

Bird conflicts are presented in numerous ways ranging from nuisance level disturbance such as a nest building Brush Turkey or nesting swallows, to the significant safety risks associated with swooping birds such as Magpies, Butcherbirds and Plovers.

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We recommend that you go outside while we treat the inside of your home for pests. Once we have finished the inside you can come back inside straight away. A full inside outside treatment takes approximately 1.5-2 hours for a 3-4-bedroom standard home. You are able to stay inside while we treat the outside of your property.

The best way to prevent termites is to ensure you have a termite treatment at least annually. This way you are having a professional monitor activity or potential activity. We can highlight things that may need to be done by you as preventative measures. We also recommend that you remove or manage any conducive conditions termites love. This includes old/stored timbers close to you home, rotting tree stumps, excess moisture from air conditioning units and hot water overflows, by redirecting them to drainpipes. Remove gardens from up against your home. Trim garden foliage away from touching the side of you home.     

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