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General Pest – Questions and Answers

You will only ever find a fully qualified technician at every visit from Control Pest Management.  Not only Qualified, but fully insured and licenced.

Your home and environment will be treated with safe treatments and for rodents if the treatments are in high traffic areas, we place the baits in lockable boxes.

Services available to you and your family home come with full warrantees which are specific to treatment.

Yes.  Engage our services and we will treat your home using a variety of treatments including gels, dust compound and spray. This controls a wider variety of bugs for a longer period.  We also share our expertise with you to help you make your environment less attractive to bugs.

Certainly, let the chemicals dry on your floors so that they can embed into the floors/skirting boards otherwise you’re just washing the treatment away.  Sweep the edges for a few days and mop the remaining floor.  This gives the chemicals time to settle, then continue to provide maximum cover over the coming year.  No need to leave your counter tops anymore, as we use gels here.

Our treatments are pet friendly. Always a good health practice to keep them out of the immediate area that is being sprayed or dusted at the time.  If your pet is not ‘technician’ friendly or the opposite, over friendly, we ask you to keep them restrained during our visit.

Again, our treatments are safe, however, birds can be sensitive to odours we can’t smell, so please cover them or relocate whilst treatment is underway.

Different bugs come with different seasons.

Keep yourself to a schedule of once a year and this will help keep you pest free.

*Business properties will require more regular treatment due to extra exposure

We have the trained professionals to help you address not only the current infestation, but help you prevent recurrences.

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Both our Control Pest Management & Control Home and Office Cleaning divisions are working around the clock helping to safeguard your health against the harmful virus -spreading bacteria.

Our anti-bacterial disinfecting services help to eliminate surface germs and pathogens which spread the coronavirus.

Banks, schools, office spaces, shops, private homes... anywhere you are, we can help!

Using Pest Management misting and fogging technology and hospital grade disinfectants and antibacterial products, we are able to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your space has been provided with the best protection available.

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